Welcome and em hotep (in peace)!  

Per Weben Benu ("per web-en ben-oo") means "House of the Rising Phoenix". We are a learning coven of Tameran Wiccans following the Egyptian path.

Per Weben Benu is united together by our love of the ancient Egyptian deities, finding relevance in Their wisdom. We honor Ma'at, the natural order of life around us, seeking and improving our lives and the quality of life of those around us. We honor Zep Tepi, the First Time in which joy and peace are found in every moment. We fuse together the old practices left to us from the past with Wiccan practices and integrity. The result is a breathing, flexible foundation, with greater spiritual understanding of ourselves, our place within the greater human condition, and assists us in navigating our modern society.
"In truth, we are shining beings. May we rise like a phoenix."



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