About Per Weben Benu


Our Mission

Per Weben Benu's mission is threefold as follows.

  1. Firstly, to provide quality spiritual education through the practice of Wicca with ancient Egyptian beliefs and practices, referred to as Tameran Wicca. Students develop their connection with the Divine through our courses offered, and with Egyptian practices in specific second, as the coursework builds up upon itself in framework.

  2. Secondly, to provide mutual support and fellowship with one another through the Internet as our primary source of learning and communication, creating rapport with one another in an environment of respect and trust.

  3. Thirdly, our mission is to maintain Per Weben Benu's operation costs, and to eventually host events in person- from spiritual ceremonies to community services.

Structure of Learning & Membership

Per Weben Benu offers multiple options for students' convenience. Students are expected to be in good standing to continue their coursework. Per Weben Benu offers Eclectic Wicca 101 for newcomers and those wishing to refresh or solidify their skills, Tameran Wicca 202 for those who have been initiated before in or outside of Per Weben Benu, and Tameran Wicca 303 for those intending to go before Divine and request becoming ordained as high priest/esses (hemet-neter-tepey/tepets). Please refer to the Classes page for more information and to sign up.

Membership can be paid up front as a lump sum for the whole course and include scheduling make-up dates as need be. Also acceptable is paying 3 calendar days before each class is scheduled to be held.

Open sabbats may sporadically become available for students and guests alike. These will have registration times and be posted on the Classes page.

Students within 101 are referred to as Reshwet/s (rSwt). Translating to "joyful", the title is given to areflect the joy that each newcomer feels when drawing nearer to feeling at home with their spiritual path and direction.

Students within 202 are referred to as Hem-Netjer, or Hemet-Netjer, akin to priest/priestess. The student and teacher will also discuss a new name for them when it becomes time. Those Hem-Netjer or Hemet-Netjer who opt not to begin 303 at the end of 202 are free and welcome to continue on their spiritual path. High priest/esses and reverends are called Hem-Netjer-Tepey or Hemet-Netjer-Tepet.

Students who achieve the completion of 303 but choose to continue on their path rather than Divine giving them ordination as Hem-Neter-Tepey/Tepets become Mery-Khenmes, Beloved Friends of Per Weben Benu. They may or may not still actively study on their own or they may have been led on a different path despite committing to it through initiation and completing 202.

Honored guests who attend more than 3 or more open events but do not become students are called Khenmes; Friends.

In Per Weben Benu, specialized positions may become available, such as the Scribe, Sesh; Watcher/Eye, Iret; Treasurer or Overseer of the Seal, Imi-r htmt; Teacher, Sebau; Musician, Qema, and so on.



For rituals, participants do not operate "sky-clad". Egyptian clergy wore plain, bleached-white linen made from flax. Some of us at Per Weben Benu may opt to wear black to represent the primeval waters of creation, Nun. If you do so, trim of gold, red (desher), green (wadj), blue (khesbedj and irtiu), or white (shesep and hedj) are acceptable. Copper is considered appropriate as it is sacred to Het-Hrt, Hathor. Silver is considered 'corrosive' in Egyptian temple practice. If you choose to wear jewelry, please do not wear plastic, but silver pendants are acceptable as it is a receiving metal. Copper is considered an amplified and gold projective. Pewter is not to be used as it cannot hold energy. Clean socks and bare feet are considered acceptable.

Be Part of Our Community

Being a part of Per Weben Benu means you will honor the Wiccan Rede: "Harm None, Do as Thou Will". It means to follow your heart, be mindful of your actions on other living beings while causing as little harm as possible, and following your true Will, your purpose for being alive. Every moment is a gift and rebirth.

We nurture an atmosphere of trust and good ethics. We honor your struggles in life, triumphs, dreams and desires. We are all equals in our individuality, unique expressions of Divine. Together we create our connection to Divine and honor Ma'at, the Greater Balance, in a Tameran-Wiccan framework.

We honor the Bennu-bird, the Phoenix, as symbolic of victory over our trials in life, and emerge as shining souls before the gods in our rites. We believe everyone is equal before Divine, and build an environment of positivity and support.

We have no tolerance for threats of harm to our members, take confidence seriously, and will not put up with harassment nor elitism in any form. This coven and tradition is to be a place of healing and growth. Everyone is welcome, but hate has no place here.

We do not believe in the socio-political creation known as Satan.

Blessed be, and welcome!


Parting Ways:
Students who find their path is calling them elsewhere- either hiatus or for good- will need to send an email stating their intent and/or reasoning.

  1. Please keep us informed if you need to take a hiatus from your studies. Please email a written intent to do so. Please keep your exit ethical and respectful. We at Per Weben Benu would like for every parting to be on amiable and dignified terms.

  2. If you are a student and do not return without a letter of hiatus after 3 months' time, you will need to write an email on why you left and why you ask to return.

  3. If you are a student and have been gone without explanation after 6 months' time, you are gone for good and no longer allowed back into Per Weben Benu.

  4. If you are a student, filed a hiatus which was received and responded to by Per Weben Benu, and return at a later date, write an email to let us know you are returning and how your hiatus was. This way we can get back onto the same page in your resumed studies and resume your classes. This is the most ideal circumstances for both student and teacher/s within Per Weben Benu.

  5. If you are an initiate who has gone on a hiatus, you are welcome to return back.

  6. If you have left Per Weben Benu on grounds of unethical behavior, you are disallowed from returning.

All students' lesson homework will be retained in privacy.

Privacy & Donation Policies

Regarding your privacy, Per Weben Benu may ask your real name/address for certain events, such as sending cards or gifts. We do not share real names and identities outside of the coven. Every student is welcome to provide a craft name to fellow students. Students and members of PWB are encouraged to be mindful and wary of sharing their phone numbers and contact information, online and offline, to other members on their own consent, and will not hold PWB responsible. However, if there is a conflict between members, it will be respectfully resolved and/or include the removal of one or all students involved, if there is credible threat of harm. Being online does not excuse real-world consequences.

Regarding donations, Per Weben Benu gratefully and humbly accepts donations! Please message to initiate contact and we will discuss receiving your generosity.

Per Weben Benu does not recruit by cold-calling. We make ourselves known by word-of-mouth, by seekers who happen upon this website, and via sporadic advertising in spiritual communities.

Costs of operation include bandwidth, web-hosting funds, consumable/disposable items used, and we can always use incense, Egyptian statuary/imagery, fabric for robes, altar cloths, etc. Members are encouraged to obtain or create their own tools. Rev. Steele pays for PWB's expenses out of pocket and through the costs of classes from students, and often creates ritual tools from scratch when it's the more cost-effective option available.

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