About Rev. Caine Steele

Caine Steele; Jan. 21, 2012.
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Rev. Caine Steele (July 6, 1984 - ) is a devout, active interfaith practitioner ordained by the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc. who finds common threads within all religions and spiritual practices and finds each equally valid and beautiful in their own right, believing them to be pathways to divinity and greater self-evolution along humanity's self-evolution through life. In person, he serves New Hampshire and Massachusetts's pagan and spiritual communities and is a commissioned Justice of the Peace (and has even served in Oregon). Online, he serves a greater reach of people who come to him for spiritual advice and for coursework. 

He hopes to continue to serve the greater spiritual community in an ethical and positive approach, and eventually to raise a spiritual center where any may come to honor divine in whatever face/s resonate with them. This spiritual center would be all-inclusive and feature an indoor building with heat and running water, as well as solar-powered electricity with outdoor grounds to create a co-op patch of farmable land to as to provide and run a soup kitchen for the hungry on a semifrequent basis. It would also serve to teach youth and teens valuable lessons in animal husbandry, gardening, compassion, and art skills as a form of self-reflection.

It is a joy and honor to speak with you!