Bylaws of Per Weben Benu

Here are the following bylaws, or ethical considerations and agreements, that all members agree to adhere by for their time as a part of Per Weben Benu.

0- Statement of the Vision
1- Membership- Coming or Going
2- Organization of the Coven
3- Scheduled Lessons, Events, Meetings, Etc
4- Absolutes

0- Statement of the Vision

The intent of this Tameran Wiccan coven, Per Weben Benu, is as follows:

*To promote finding one's spiritual or religious path, to support one another in doing so; by living and honoring the Wiccan Rede: "And it harm none, do as you Will",
*To honor the Egyptian deities and Their mythologies, honor the Wheel of the Year and certain Kemetic holy days, the Esbats, and to live in tune with that which is around us (our fellow people, animals/plants/etc in our environment);

*To learn, explore, and understand Wicca and Ancient Egyptian ways together and be conscientious of the earth, our affect on it and our daily lives,

*To promote an environment of positivity, fellowship, healing and wellness, and to share in each others' lives as covenmates and friends, as well as share commitment to the well-being of the coven;

*To dispel misconceptions about Wicca, witchcraft and/or Kemetic practices where they may occur if need be.

2. Membership- Coming or Going

Please view our members page for more information on this. Also, our practices page will inform you of extras.

In addition, for events which may be held in person in the future, new members may also be required to attend 3 events prior to filling out an application.

Please inform us if you decide to go on hiatus. People who do not return within 6 months' time will be considered as having left Per Weben Benu for good unless they come back and request to stay. Those who are gone for six months, return and state their intention to stay but require another six months' time will have up to 1 year before being marked as having left for good. All lessons' files will be retained in privacy.

If you decide to leave our coven, please write us a letter informing us of your decision to leave, rather than verbal, and please keep it to Rev. Steele and other High Priest/esses who are immediately involved. Please keep it ethical and respectful. We at Per Weben Benu would like for every parting to be on dignified, amiable terms.

3. Scheduled Lessons, Events, Meetings, Etc.

If/when the coven grows to a point where in-person meetings and events will be held, there will be more to this section.

4. Absolutes

Live by the Wiccan Rede: And it harm none, do as you will. There will be a version coming shortly for our coven.

No threats of violence in any form (including 'jokes'), no sexual harassment in any form, no illicit substances.

No proselytizing or soliciting.

No children are to be unattended in events in the future.

No magick will ever be done to bind or harm another. There is always a price to pay for such and it is never positive/helpful.

Build perfect love and trust in all interactions; if there is an issue with another covener, please try to work it out amiably; if you are not able to, bring it to the High Priest/High Priestess for mediation. To honor the Greater Balance for all, instigators may be asked to leave the group in extreme circumstances. (However, let us all hope this will never occur.)