Eclectic Wicca 101


Enter as a new student to Wicca or for a more solid refresher. Students learn what Wicca is/isn't, its sacred texts and ethics, evolution and spiritual practices through history, the Wheel of the Year and its holidays, lunar cycles and importance to our craft, how to begin working with energy, your spiritual hygeine such as grounding, centering, shielding for protection, meditation, the magical laws which make our works work (and how our workings may not work), the elementals, how to create your first book of shadows and begin spiritual journaling, creating your own altar and candle magic, working with dreams, astrology, making your own talismans and amulets, learning various methods of divination and finding a system which works for you, studying spiritual entities such as elementals, faeries, dragons, mythological creatures and how to connect with our ancestors, initiating spiritual contact, healing systems such as working with the chakras and auras, learning various models for our reality which assist in our spiritual practices, and more.

Eclectic Wicca 101 then wraps up with a lesson preparing for initiation, a final exam, and a petition to Divine containing the student's appeal to progress into second year of studies.
Prerequisites: None; open to all of an open mind.

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Tameran Wicca 202


Per Weben Benu offers a more internal approach to build on what was learned in 101. In 202, we review Per Weben Benu's expectations and beliefs briefly, Wiccan history and then progress to Egyptian history, learning more of the land and its people, the Egyptian calendar and the Wheel of the Year from a Tameran Wiccan slant, and how Per Weben Benu works with it. We look at how the Egyptians viewed time as a concept, then progress into multi-dimensional existence, reality maps, Egyptian cosmology and theology- and how the Egyptians fused spiritual and physical living, Egyptian soul anatomy, and progress into the study of the gods. We look at their triads, quaternaries, enneads, ogdoads and other groupings from an analytical view of function, their relation to one another, and more. Once we understand these, we continue onward into discussing the Egyptian ceremony and its typical structure.

We continue to draw parallels with Wiccan rituals' structure, and Per Weben Benu's unique ritual structure for our students to practice in their own rituals as well. Through the middle of 202, we discuss the various deities, their functions and how we can cultivate relationships with them. We then continue on into divine astronomy and advanced astrology, sacred architecture and geometry, body reconnection, and progress into shadow working. Students then have the option to petition the Divine for elevation from 202 into becoming high priests and high priestesses- Hem-Neter-Tepey and Hem-Neter-Tepet respectively- or to become Khenmes, Friends of the House who are not actively studying but have achieved this recognition for their successful completion of the program who have chosen not to become Hem-Neter-Tepey/Tepets.

Prerequisite: initiation in a previous coven/tradition, or through Eclectic Wicca 101 with Per Weben Benu.


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Tameran Wicca 303


Per Weben Benu will offer 303- the path to becoming high priests and priestesses- only upon successful completion of 101 and 202, with Divine's approval upon completing this course. It covers such topics as facilitating ritual, psychological explorations and preparation for efficient teaching, handling challenges which may come up, and working under an existing Hem-Neter-Tepey or Hem-Neter-Tepet under Rev. Steele's guidance to teach new students 101 while continuing their own studies, advanced topics, and furthering their relations to Divine via the Egyptian gods.

With this course it is understood upon registering that even if the work is done and one has the calling to become married to the Divine as Their physical representative to do Their work, Divine may or may not approve for the student to be ordained as clergy. In the event that they are approved, students will become legally ordained under the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc, and will pay annual dues as members. Upon ordination, students becoming Hem-Neter-Tepey/Tepets will be awarded a Bachelor's of Divinity in recognition of their achievements, as well as undergo an ordination ceremony. Students will also receive a gift basket of handcrafted goods as a congratulatory gift.

Students who are not approved may continue to work with their teacher to fulfill any directives Divine puts forth until they become approved. It is also possible that the student may experience a shift in their spiritual or religious path at any time, and should such come to pass, the student will nonetheless be congratulated for their work and dismissed with high esteem from Per Weben Benu.


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