Feel free to use this contact form to email Per Weben Benu. If inquiring to apply, please copy and paste the following, fill it out inside the form (or Notepad, if it's easier, then copy-paste). We will respond at our earliest possible convenience.

Name (Craft name, or a name you'd like to go by: not necessarily your real name unless you wish so; no need for last names):

Age (18+; if younger, stop here and don't send the form):

Date of Birth:

Email address or online handle (must be valid so we can get back to you!):

How you found us:

Your current occupation (you don't have to tell us the name/location of your work, but we'd like to know your general field- ie, what you do for your day job:

Tell us a bit about your spiritual/religious history thus far. You will not be judged; we'd like to know where you're coming from:

If you've left a different religion than Wicca or witchcraft, have you made peace with your leaving?:

What have you learned from your experience with it and what could you have done without?:

Have you been in another coven before (if in Wicca/witchcraft)? If so, what have you already learned?:

What was the name of the coven you were with; where was it?:

What are you looking for by joining? List your interests and motivations:

Do you agree to (yes/no):

-Be openminded, respectful, practice behavior according to our sacred texts and be tolerant to those whose beliefs differ from yours?:

-Understand that every member is equal and as such, appreciate their gifts and weaknesses to be improved upon, and that their input is equally valid as yours?:

-Abide by the House's bylaws as written and any subsequent changes agreed upon which may be made to this document for the benefit of all within?:

-Honor Divinity through the Egyptian pantheon, rarely venturing outside it, and getting to know it deeper than a casual glance?:

-Keep others' information confidential, except with their explicit written consent?:

-Uphold balance physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and seek to aid others when able?:

Do you have any disabilities, handicaps or ailments? This will not alter our decision whether or not to accept you into the House, but may prove good to know:

Do you have any other questions at this time?:

By signing below, I affirm that I request to join the Tameran Wiccan coven PerWeben Benu, in the spirit of positive self-growth and support of others within who share the same path for the time being, and that I consent to this agreement. With harm to none and for my highest good, my electronic signature is as below:

______(name here)_________


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Blessed be!