Welcome and em hotep (in peace)!

We are a diverse group of Wiccans following an Egyptian path. We are a teaching tradition and coven, coming together with love of the Egyptian deities, committed to honoring the joy of Zep Tepi- the First Time which can be found in every moment- and through this, honoring the Greater Balance. We fuse together the old practices and Wiccan practices where there are similarities, and go beyond simply 'deity-swapping' or making 'piecemeal' patchwork religious practices.

We are the old people, we are the new people. We are the same people, stronger than before, goes the old chant. We are drawn to the depth with which the Egyptian peoples had for their gods and the love therein. We honor the phoenix in each other and ourselves.

Welcome to the House of Phoenix Rising - Per Weben Benu. Come visit our pages and see if you are drawn to studying with us! :)