Per Weben Benu's Mission Statement

Our primary mission at Per Weben Benu is to offer solid-quality spiritual education via the harmonious fusion of Wicca and ancient Egyptian practices with the hope that those who come here use what they learn to further their positive self-growth as they develop a connection with the Divine through the Egyptian pantheon, and regardless of if their spiritual path be that here or elsewhere, that we provide mutual support and companionship as covenmates, spiritual family, and friends. To this end, we use the Internet as a means of communication, bonding and technological/astral temple space with the understanding that everything consists of energy interacting with itself.

Secondarily, it is our dream to open up a temple with land to serve as a retreat center, wherein individuals of the coven can hold events, as well as the space be rented out for those of witchcraft, Wicca, and other beliefs' respectful usage. For any questions, please view the other pages of this website.