Practices & Beliefs of the House

Above all, we follow the Wiccan Rede: "Harm None; do as thou Will". In short: follow your heart and be aware of your actions on other living beings; cause as little hurt as possible, and find and follow your true Will- your purpose for being alive this span of years you have, for every moment is a gift and a new rebirth.

We of the House recognize the inner phoenix within every being who arrives to us: their struggles in life, their triumphs, their dreams and desires, and the beauty of life which is that person. The phoenix being traditionally of fire rises, matures, and rebirths itself eternally- but it actually is a bird of spirit, for most fires transform into whatever they are burning. The phoenix is eternal, just as are our seasons in nature and patterns of growth. Each of us have risen, fallen, and gotten back up again from life's difficulties. Each of us have experienced beginnings, endings, and endings which became new beginnings.

We nurture an atmosphere of “perfect love and trust”- that is, when we gather together we trust that we will be ethical in behavior and in word to one another, and form unconditional love- the highest love that exists- as members of a family, the House and the coven. Despite everything that makes us you-nique, we are all equal. We honor each other with this positive environment, trusting in each other and building connections and support through learning and our time spent here.

We believe that everyone is inherently connected to the Source of All Things, or as the Egyptians called it, Nun, the watery source of creation from which universal life began.

We have no prophets nor savior. We do not 'need' one. We do not believe in 'sin', or humanity needing redemption or being inherently 'evil'. We place responsibility solely where it belongs: with the individual and their actions. We do not believe in absolute good and absolute evil as polarities where you're either one or another. We acknowledge that there is a Greater Balance, or a natural order of the universe, and that Ma'at- the Egyptian concept of truth and that natural order- must be maintained, and that good and evil are labels to describe two opposing ends of a scale rather than black or white.

We do not believe in or espouse a Satan and recognize it as a sociopolitical historical creation which was used to persecute many people centuries ago. The much-misperceived god Set, aka Setekh, Seth, Sutekh, etc, is not this being. He is a god of storms, protection during travel and the only god who was capable of conquering the representation of chaos which was Apep, a snakelike figure who was routinely slain nightly to preserve Ma'at's natural order (snakes representing fear to the Egyptians in most instances) and to ensure that the Sun god, Ra, could continue the sun's cycle every day.

We are called Per Weben Benu- the House of Phoenix Rising, though we are also a coven. Like a house, we are all family, all equals as individuals, and are all related through our being part of the human experience. We are a coven in that we are a spiritually connected group and together are greater than singularity and with dedication to each other's spiritual well-being, and that there are titles in place (ex: High Priest/ess, etc) to denote how far a person has traveled along their path, and nothing else.

We do not dictate our beliefs or proselytize to others, but believe those who are called to by the Source will find their way here, learn what they are meant to for their highest well-being, and come or go as they decide.

We recognize that each religion is a path to the Source through various forms of expression and each deity therein is valid and an expression known to humanity throughout the ages. We of the House recognize the Source, the Greater Balance (Ma'at and natural order). With Wicca, there are many 'flavors' or various focuses from group to group on different pantheons, and some who are 'eclectic' and will work with any deities. our 'branch' of Wicca is “Kemetic” (Khem, the name of the Egyptian land as called such by its native people), or “Tameran” (from Ta Mery, or 'Beloved Land'). For simplicity's sake, we simply call ourselves a Tameran Wiccan coven. Thus, we recognize the Source, the Egyptian deities and the other entities within the ancient Egyptian texts. Through this, we honor the Source in Its various faces and cultivate personal relationships with the deities to promote our personal self-growth and evolution.

We respect people of all races, nationalities, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexuality, and past religious background. We strive to be all-inclusive and open. We have no tolerance for threats of violence or harassment, in any form, nor attitudes of “holier-than-thou” or what is known as 'trolling'.

Like the phoenix, we each have our own inner light. By coming together, we form a blazing torch to guide those who seek to learn with us on their spiritual journey through life. We are being continually reborn with every breath we take.

Blessed be.