Privacy & Donation Policies

On Your Privacy

The only times we might ask for your real name/address will be for certain milestones, such as during initiation/elevation/ordainment to give you a congratulatory gift. We will never ask for your work address or invade your privacy; we take this extremely seriously. Should you volunteer such information, it will be kept in confidentiality, unless you choose to inform other members as well. In a previous coven Rev. Steele was in, the members had each others' addresses only for Yule gifts and milestones, and the addresses were forgotten thereafter. Some chose to form closer bonds via telephone number distribution. This is at your own discretion. While we nurture an atmosphere of love and trust, it is always, always up to your own discernment. Other members should have no need of your personal information save for the aforementioned events.

On Donations

We do not proselytize- ie, recruit/go door-knocking- our religion nor our group. We will make ourselves known via social media/the Internet/other spiritual-community sources as need be, but will not ask individuals directly to join, nor claim we have 'the one true way'. Those who are meant to walk the path will find their own way here; those who aren't won't, and we will never charge for lessons.

We do accept donations! Even in offering lessons for free, there is still bandwidth and web-hosting funds to account for, and consumable/disposable items used. Any monetary offerings will go towards upkeep of the website, or towards our dream of finding an actual temple space to serve as a covenstead/retreat center/land area. We will never ask for monetary donations unless there is serious talk of devoted members who mutually desire temple-space in person.

If you don't/can't do the monetary donation thing, we can always use candles, incense, Egyptian statuary/imagery, fabric (for robes/altar cloths/etc), related items, to be used during ritual celebrations (Sabbats/esbats, etc). Rev. Steele uses his altar while conducting rituals to give them more energy and symbolism. Plus, if a member finds themselves short, one of these items can then be donated as a gift from everyone if we have them on hand.

Thank you for your understanding!