What is Tameran Wicca?

Em hotep (in peace), and welcome!

One major question you may have is: what on earth is Tameran Wicca? How does it differ from Kemetic Wicca? How does it differ from 'regular' eclectic Wicca, or any other branch of Wicca for that matter? Why is info so hard to find about these things online? Thus far, both are nearly synonymous for "Egyptian Wicca"- that is, Wicca with honor to the Egyptian gods and Egyptian practices brought into a Wiccan framework. But first, let's backtrack a little bit.

Traditional, "core" Wicca as some call it, honors the Wiccan Rede- a guideline of ethics designed to help a practitioner become a better person while freeing them up to persue their spiritual practice as they see fit within whatever branch of Wicca they may choose to follow. It honors the earth we are all a part of for this span of 100 years (regardless of an indvidual's belief in reincarnation) - and is very flexible, being mono, duo, panthei- and animistic. Since that's a whole lot right there, let's simplify that down a bit: Simply put, a Wiccan can choose to simply honor the Divine Source which to one extent or another runs through everything and everyone (monotheistic). They can choose to honor the God and Goddess, traditionally taught as the Triple Goddess (Maiden/Mother/Crone) and Her lover/consort, the God of Light and Shadows (a dual God, reflecting the waxing and waning halves of sunlight here on Earth). They may choose to be pantheistic, seeing Divinity come to more personal relations as various gods and goddesses from the various cultures of the world who sought to know Deity more closely. They may also choose to be animistic, honoring the spirits of every living thing- rock, tree, animal, bird, plant, and fellow beings of the human species. Think of it like a shining gemstone: practitioners of Wicca may choose to look at the whole Divine gemstone, admire and honor larger sections of it, or look more closely through one or more individual facets and get to know those facets better. It's perfectly okay to work with all of these views simultaneously- it is my personal opinion that Wicca, (as a syncretic religion) has grown vast and broad, receiving beautiful flexibility and enabling one to truly believe in and practice a religion which is able to grow with them rather than become outdated.

Tameran Wicca is a word that comes from "ta mery", or "beloved land" (though some will say "land of two riverbanks", which also applies). Kemetic Wicca is another term, deriving from "Khem" or "Kemet", referring to the fertile black sands that the Nile would leave behind during its annual, life-giving flooding. Either way you label the practice of working with Egyptian pantheon in Wiccan practice, you must recognize that in Egyptian paganism, there are certain branches of note:

*Kemetic Revivalism and Reconstruction- Egyptologists and academically-minded folk who strive to exactly reconstruct/revive the ancient Egyptian spiritual practices.

*Kemetic Orthodoxy- A religion founded by Tamara Siuda of the House of Neter. She claims to have divine approval for founding it, is referred to as the Nisut (or "authority"), "Her Holiness, Sekhenet-Ma'at-Ra setep-en-Ra Hekatawy I". and the practices are similar to the ways of old. It is legally recognized by Illinois. She is a wonderful person and Egyptologist.

*Other segments of Kemetic revivalism include black nationalist sects such as the Ausar Aset Society and others, though information on them is very little.

Tameran Wicca is another branch of Egyptian paganism, and a branch of Wicca within the religion and spiritual practice of witchcraft. It is very recent, though Egyptian influences have been found as far back as the days of the Golden Dawn. Some critics of Egyptian influence in Wicca claim that Wicca is being cheapened or disrespected and an entire misunderstanding of the ancient Egyptian peoples' practices. To this, it is my personal opinion that this is untrue. There is nothing 'wrong' with being a Wiccan devoted to the Egyptian deities any moreso than there is to focusing on the Celtic deities within Celtic Wicca, Norse deities, or any other pantheon, and the variety only adds to the lovely tapestry of Wiccan practices and deepens one's relationship with divine energies- and we are in a new age. Despite having access to rituals the ancient Egyptian peoples left behind on temple walls, mostly intact, it does not necessarily fit the lifestyle of the people of 2012, here in the information age. We do not have grand temples with access to sacred pools round the clock, nor do we have devoted rotating staff to maintain said places. We seek nature intuitively, yet we are in a very different environment than deserts. Here at Pr Weben Benu, the Egyptian deities are our focus of respect, reverence, and with whom we form a relationship meaningful to each of us in our lives, regardless of where we are geographically. We build altars as in regular Wiccan practice, though they may carry a notably Egyptian leaning- which you will encounter in your studies with us.

Ellen Cannon Reed, author of "Circle of Isis", is the originator of the term "Tameran Wicca", and refers to the ancient Egyptian people as Tamerans. Regardless of whether this info is accurate, the name has stuck in the community and more people are looking for Tameran Wicca. Egyptian Wicca now has a name besides 'Egyptian Wicca', which to many people 'out there' simply sounds like "Egyptian-flavored Wicca"; ie, the Egyptian gods and goddesses seemingly being swapped out during Sabbats and Esbats and the occasional quarter-call to one of the four demigods of Horus (Hapi, Duamutef, etc), due to any real, solid understanding underneath it. It has looked very 'shallow' or 'untouched' compared to the wealths of information out there on other branches of Wicca. This is where Pr Weben Benu comes in: as I have found it extraordinarily difficult to find others following the Egyptian deities (yet somehow coming across them!) and any "Tameran Wiccan" covens online or Egyptian-based covens in person, I am opening my heart and vision to you by starting one under this banner. I have studied Egyptian texts, lore and rituals extensively and have found the places where fusion is indeed possible with reverence. It is my hope to be able to offer those seeking a Tameran Wiccan practice a solid understanding not only of Wicca, but the information the ancients left us and how the studies herein make a cohesive, solid practice which makes sense, and invite you to come study with us. For more information on Pr Weben Benu, please visit the other links on this webpage!

Blessed be and senebty (goodbye) for now!

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